Art Classes in Cape Town at ArtZone are held in the studio of Joanna Cooke, an artist who lives in Kirstenhof. (Read more about Joanna Cooke HERE).

What makes  Art classes at ArtZone special?

At ArtZone you will release the  your creativity and potential. I teach basics and essential art techniques, and encourage your own learning style and form of expression. I have a vast array of equipment, mediums and art materials for you to try out and learn how to use. 

Art classes should be an escape you look forward to all week, because doing art must be fun. In an art class at ArtZone you will produce something beautiful, tap into your creative side, and spend 2 – 3 hours relaxing and having fun.

You can learn:

  • Drawing – Pencils, Pens, Ink, Charcoal
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Pastel and Pencil Techniques
  • Abstract or Realistic Techniques
  • Guidance in any other Art Techniques you’re interested in

What ArtZone art classes ARE:

  • Flexible – I encourage any medium or style to allow you to develop your own artistic self
  • Relaxing – you’re here to have fun and enjoy the experience
  • Confidence-building – you will feel good about what you produce and be encouraged, not criticized
  • Versatile – you will learn how to correctly use any medium you choose and be encouraged to try new mediums to improve your confidence
  • Constructive – you learn the right techniques through positive feedback & guidance

What ArtZone classes are NOT:

  • Everyone copying the same subject
  • Lectures and rules and “making the grade”
  • Unstructured “play sessions” with little guidance
  • Boring or predictable

Find out about ArtZone’s Art Classes here