ART EXPLORE – Mixed Media Discovery

Running over six  weekly sessions, this workshop is an adventure in a full variety of artistic mediums and styles.

Lesson 1: Drawing Basics – Learning contour & form, seeing light & shade and creating depth
Lesson 2: Coloured Pencil TechniquesCreate a beautiful, lifelike botanical or still life study
Lesson 3: Pastels & Charcoal Techniques – Loose, expressive figure and portrait drawing
Lesson 4: Basics of Oil Painting – Learn principles of mixing colour & oil mediums, and how to layer oil paints
Lesson 5: Watercolour & Water-soluble mediums – Creating a light, transparent semi-abstract image
Lesson 6: Paint or draw a landscape in your chosen medium, applying the principles of perspective

Next Course Dates & Times: To be announced for early 2020

Fee: R2100 per person for the six-session course. All materials provided, except canvas for the oil painting session.