Art Fundamentals

An 8-week workshop, with the option of attending for either the full 8 weeks or only the first 4 weeks. This workshop focuses on all the basics you will need to be able to create beautiful art in any medium. We examine be a new technique and principle each week, with the opportunity to practice these in your own choice of subject, medium and style. You will also get guidance in different mediums – pencil; charcoal; pastel (oil and chalk) watercolour pencil; watercolour paint and oil paint.  The course will equip you with all the vital skills in the following areas:

  • Fully understanding light, shadow, different types of shadow and light sources and tonal values
  • Understanding principles of colour and colour harmony
  • Principles of composition and different compositional devices
  • Proportions and correct representation for figure studies, still lifes and landscapes
  • Making your artworks make a statement
  • Different strokes and different styles for different art mediums
  • Learning how to use charcoal, pastel and dry media
  • Learning how to use coloured pencils like paints
  • Learning how to use oil and water-based pastels
  • Watercolour techniques
  • Basics of oil painting and oil mediums

Tuition is very individually-focussed and you will have the freedom to work in any style, medium and subject matter that suits you during the sessions.

Dates and Times:  Saturday mornings – 10:00 – 12:00, starting Saturday 7 September 2019 and ending Saturday 26 October 2019

Cost for the full 8-week programme: (Saturday 7 September – 26 October) : R2 600

Cost for the 4-week programme: (Saturday 7 September – 28 September) : R1 900

The 4-week programme will provide all the fundamental skills, and the 8-week-programme allows for focused attention and more individual coaching in your chosen subjects and mediums. If you book for the 4-week course and change your mind and decide to extend to the 8-week course, you will only need to pay the balance for the 8-week course.